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3D Stereoscopic Cinematography (SOMA1691)

This course covers the history and cultural context of stereoscopy, together with the theoretical principles and the practical dimensions of capture, post-processing and playback technologies. It gives students the opportunity to actively engage in the production of a stereoscopic short film.

iCinema Studio (SOMA2860, canceled due to lack of interest)
This course is a combination of "Immersive real-time 3D applications with Unity 3D" and "Interactive and Immersive Cinema". It gives an introduction into the history and contemporary approaches to immersion and virtual reality and the opportunity to work in a small team on a VR or mixed reality immersive project.

Interactive and Immersive Cinema
This lab-based course will provide a hands on introduction into Immersive Interactive cinema and technologies and will give students the opportunity to work in small groups on a mixed-reality immersive cinema project for the iCinema Research Centre iDome platform.

Immersive real-time 3D applications with Unity 3D
A lab-based studio course oriented toward the creation of real-time interactive and immersive applications, games and artworks for use in the iCinema Centre's virtual reality (VR) iDome.