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iDome wireless wand/pointing device
Work in progress, 2010

Based on laser pointer, camera, tracking software and RF/USB wireless controller.

Concept,design, development

Advanced Wand Interaction device for AVIE/iDome
work in progress, 2010

Based on iPod Touch and integrated 3DOF sensor


work in progress, 2009

Tabletop multitouch hemispherical projection surface

Concept,design, development

T_Visionarium, length: 8:43
artintact revisited

User interface for a major exhibit showcasing 15 interactive art works from the artintact CD-ROM series. By utilising RFID tags, the user is able to select a work by simply placing one of the artintact books or work sheet on a sensor integrated in a plinth. The work is then projected and the user can interact with a standard mouse.

ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe [D]

Concept,design, development

Unmakeable Love, length: 1:34
User interface, interactive installation Historical Darling River Journey

For the general public. Track-ball for navigation and push buttons to access features.
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iCinema, BackOBourke Exhibition Centre

Concept,design, development

Electronic interface for ReActor

Interface for six two-axis analog controllers used for pan/tilt control of six torches.

Epidemic. J. Shaw

Design, technical specification and production

Mining VR, length: 4:23
Interaction console for AVIE/iDome

Consisting of console with joystick and buttons and VR Wand with integrated 3DOF sensor


Concept and technical specification

Place Hampi, length: 7:09
Spherecam controller

Custom made micro processor controller to adjust frame rate, exposure and synchronisation for the multi camera system Sphereca.


Concept,design, development

Wireless Interface for T_Visionarium I

Custom made user interface based on a wireless InertiaCube, buttons and power supply. RF transmisson.


Concept, design, technical specification and production

User Interface iDome

Large illuminated track ball with two pushbuttons.


Concept, design, technical specification and production

User interface, interactive installation Conversation@the Studio

For the general public. Reactive color changing track-ball and a few push buttons

iCinema, Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Concept, co-design, technical specification