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Robert Lepage, Fragmentation

A multi-channel stereoscopic video installation, Robert Lepage with Volker Kuchelmeister
Produced by Richard Castelli, epidemic Paris, shot in Feb 2010, Théâtre Denise Pelletier Montréal.

Fragmentation is based on the theatre play Lipsynch, written and directed by Robert Lepage.

As a member of an audience observing a theatre performance, one is often removed from the stage and located somewhere within the seating area. Particular in larger venues, the perspective is an aerial one and with a significant distance between observer and the action on stage. This arrangement can limit the sense of intimacy, the audience is disconnected, details might pass unnoticed and the point-of-view is fixed. In this work, we overcome these limitations by sacrificing the live aspect of the performance by a recording and replacing the theatre stage with a video installation. The focus of this technical implementation is to construct and recreate a true-to-life experience of the events on stage for the audience in an exhibition.

Lipsynch has a complex multi-layered narrative structure and is with 9h too long for an exhibit. For the installation, we selected a single scene, 12 minutes long, which is semi self contained in its narrative and recorded the performance in February 2010 at the Théâtre Denise Pelletier, Montréal. The result is a stereoscopic multi-perspective video installation for the hexagonal stereoscopic back-projection platform RE-ACTOR. Multi-perspective visualisation constitutes a novel method of documenting the entireness of an event, by recording from multiple points of view. In combination with stereoscopic imaging, it captures two modalities of three-dimensional representation, perspective and depth. These modalities are then applied for display in a hexagonal stereoscopic multi-screen projection environment, the RE-ACTOR* platform.

Forthcoming: Musée des Beaux-Arts of Montréal, April 2012.
Matière-Lumière, Complexe EDF, Béthune, France, 2/4-29/5 2011.

see also Stereoscopic Pre-Visualisation

* RE-ACTOR conceived by Jeffrey Shaw and Sarah Kenderdine

Model of the theatre set. The image panels represent the camera locations and point-of-views.


Text by Frédérike Bédard, Carlos Belda, Rebecca Blankenship, Lise Castonguay, John Cobb, Nuria Garcia, Marie Gignac, Sarah Kemp, Robert Lepage, Rick Miller and Hans Piesbergen.
Produced by Richard Castelli, epedimic, Paris.
Designed for ReACTOR by Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw.

fragmentation de frédérike bédard, carlos belda, rebecca blankenship, lise castonguay, john cobb,nuria garcia, marie gignac, sarah kemp, robert lepage, volker kuchelmeister, rick miller, hans piesbergen / réalisation et mise en scène: robert lepage / acteurs: la chanteuse/ frédérike bédard, le pianiste/carlos belda – ada rebecca blankenship, la collègue de thomas/sarah kemp, thomas neurochirurgien/ hans piesbergen, les infirmiers/carlos belda, paul bourque, anne-marie bureau, pierre lachapelle, simon laplante, eric lapointe / scénographie : carl fillion / lumière: étienneboucher / son: jean-sébastien côté / costumes: yasmina giguère / direction de production et de tournée: louise roussel / direction technique théâtrale : paul bourque / production théâtrale ex machina & théâtre sans frontières. /
direction de la photographie et direction technique : volker kuchelmeister / assistante tournage : andrea hartinger / technicien lumière: renaud pettigrew / technicien son: stanislas élie / opérateur caméra rotative et technicien vidéo: david leclerc / postproduction: volker kuchelmeister / idée originale de l’adaptation de scènes extraites du chapitre thomas du spectacle lipsynch pour le reactor richard castelli / conception du reactor : sarah kenderdine & jeffrey shaw / production : richard castelli & hélène stril, epidemic, paris / coproduction : unsw icinema centre, sydney & the city university of hong kong school of creative media

Anamorphic set comprised of seemingly random wooden panels. From a stage camera's point-of-view, the set is revealed in form of a table/chairs or piano on the other side.

Custom designed stereoscopic 3D camera rig. Six rigs where needed to capture from six points-of-view.

Robert Lepage directing the scene (l), premiere in Bethune France, April 2011.

Composite with camera points-of-view.

Performing Past and Present. Robert Lepage at University of California, Berkeley, Nov 2007.

Youtube clip "Lipsynch by Robert Lepage" from inthenameoftheatre